2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14

Offering a very relaxed sport riding position, the ZX-14 without short cramped, and the bars are positioned so riders do not have to stretch to reach them. The narrow engine, monocoque frame, gas tank and make it easy for riders their knees close together to hold in all driving conditions. Footpegs are low enough leg room and in the low seat height and narrow seat front make it a cinch to plant both feet on the ground when stopped it. The comfort of the rider can make believe that in a specific sport tourer, but one twist of the ZX-14 s throttle is all it takes to remind them they are in the world and fastest, quickest and most powerful production motorcycle. 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Distinctive looks Ninja
Most powerful production Kawasaki motorcycle to date
Next generation monocoque aluminum frame
easy riding position

1352 cc four-cylinder, DOHC engine
adapted to provide fluid flow over a very wide rev range while raising Kawasaki s legendary horsepower standards to a new level
Carefully planned motor pattern is the compact and narrow
chrome composite plated aluminum cylinder bores are bright, durable, and quickly carry heat away from the combustion chamber and pistons for maximum durability at high power

Gear-Driven dual engine Balancers
Already in perfect primary balance, several secondary balancers virtually unwanted vibrations for extremely smooth engine operation and rider support

Kawasaki engineers and designers have been an engine Ram Air and fuel injection engine in the core of a powerful, TQ-production, aerodynamic stunner that attract the attention of bystanders or road, or parked along the road runs.

When the rider is stopped, the motorcycle at the center of attention. Because the monocoque frame goes over the engine doesn t and stabbing through the fairing, the fairing design lines continuously, making it a smooth, seamless appearance from front to back. Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14 s front cover, with the outer lenses with high beams and position lamps. Low beams are located behind the two center lenses. The turn signals are integrated neatly into the cockpit and rear cap, and a LED lamp has a unique V-pattern. Overall the ZX-14 s aerodynamics remind users that Kawasaki is indeed an aircraft maker. This blending of form, power and maneuvering characteristics have delivered a motorcycle with appeal that extends far beyond its high performance audience.

All told, Kawasaki brought its engineering expertise and pattern to the forefront of motorcycle creation. The Ninja ZX-14 does its Ninja heritage, and far exceeds the competition. The meaning of the word dominant has found its true definition.

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