2007 ZX14

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. Since its debut in March 2006, this motorcycle has won every major magazine comparison test it participated in. earning universal praise for Huge TQ, effortless power, stable handling and an easy driving position, the 1352cc Ninja ZX-14 is the highest performance standard in the motorcycle industry.
The ZX-14 isn not just a straight line wonder. He also excels with light, neutral and easy to maneuver ergonomics challenge dedicated sport touring motorcycles that for rider comfort. Indeed, this most powerful of all Kawasaki-branded motorcycles was created to everything.
Just because a motorcycle has overwhelming power, does not mean that it is not intimidating to ride. With electronics tuned to a predictable spread of torque low-gear/low-rpm supply situations, the Ninja ZX-14 inspires far more rider confidence than expected from such a powerful engine. A twist of the throttle allows for a seamless distribution of TQ so linear, the power band, is irrelevant. Those who have ridden a ZX-14, marvel at a power supply which allows for easy pulling away from a total stop in almost every gear.Ram Air Induction
Central Ram Air duct produces a straighter path to the airbox for maximum intake efficiency
This system cooler, higher pressure air from in front of the fairing and guides it through the air cleaner and the engine for maximum power
Digital gas injection
44mm Mikuni throttle bodies are fitted with a sub-throttle valves that are controlled by the ECU to provide precise response and make DFI power and SPD smoother, with response similar to constant velocity carburetors
32-bit electronic control unit works with several setup to further enhance throttle response and gas control
A digital computer feeds the engine exactly the amount of gas it needs for cleaner emissions and maximum fuel
Digital Ignition
Digital Timing Advance enhances low-and mid-range power
Four individual spark plug mounted ignition coils fire each spark plug independently the optimal timing for that cylinder at that time to achieve
ECU has a starting speed control system for easier starting and warm-up
Radial Pump Clutch Master Cylinder
Hydraulic clutch master cylinder has a radial-pump clutch for smooth and precise clutch engagement
Next-Generation Monocoque Aluminum Frame
Evolved from the ZX-12R, the frame is a hollow aluminum box that arches over the engine from the steering head to the swing arm pivot. It is narrow, powerful, sleek and very light
motor is securely mounted to the monocoque s increase torsional stiffness. Plus using the engine as a stressed frame member decreases the frame s weight by approximately four pounds
engine positioned forward in the frame, wheelbase and front / rear weight balance were carefully designed to achieve high stability and responsive handling SPD
Huge head pipe casting contributes to frame rigidity
The monocoque section houses the air box and air filter in a space-saving design that actually simplifies air cleaner maintenance. Two screws hold a plate on the left side of the frame that allows air cleaner access
The battery is also located in the frame and has simple access through the back of the frame
The steering head and swing arm pivot areas are cast aluminum for superior strength and stiffness
Inverted 43mm Cartridge Type Front Fork
Damping rates offer stiff initial action against the forward end dive when braking
Stepless damping adjustment improves suspension performance
The ZX-14 frame s pattern is every bit the equal of the power. An improved version of Kawasaki’s unique aluminum monocoque design frame is lightweight and very strong. By using this frame technology, engineers were able to focus on delivering a slim, short deck.

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