2006 Motorcycle review of the zx14

High-performance sports bikes live in an area  that is difficult, and if you want to keep up with the Hayabusa, you have to grow. Thus, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R became the Ninja ZX-14. Powered by a 1352cc four wheels, the ZX14 is the most powerful Kawasaki street bike so far. Kawasaki release below contains more details.

Here is the release of Kawasaki on the new 1400:

KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-14 combines the best of everything engage in serious motorcyclists that elusive “ultimate” RIDE

Sleek aerodynamics, unmatched power, acceleration and stability combine to provide balance to the company’s latest flagship.

If ever a brand of motorcycles was defined by the power emanating from its long history of sports record, Kawasaki would hold that mantle. If ever a brand should just integrate the meaning of the word “ultimate” into its new flagship street carver, Kawasaki is part of the bill. It’s just what the company did with the Ninja ZX-14, a 1352cc motorcycle is the most powerful ever, and succeeds in setting performance standards for others to follow.

Kawasaki engineers and designers have created a motorcycle that turns its Ram Air and fuel injection in the base engine with a powerful, torque-producing, aerodynamic wonder that attract the attention of curious whether on the road or parking on the road. Wrapped in a choice of Passion Red, Black, or Candy Thunder Blue, the new ZX-14 is mixed into the scenery nearly impossible. It accelerates with ease, manages insurance, and exudes an aura unmatched by anything else on the street.

The most powerful of all Kawasaki motorcycle brand was created to do everything right. From the very beginning.

Its aerodynamics reminds users that Kawasaki is indeed an aircraft manufacturer. The mixture of shape, strength and characteristics have delivered a first unit that is so balanced in all aspects that the word – the ultimate – seems hardly sufficient to describe it.

This all new line four has evolved from the Ninja ZX-12R and features a bore and racing 84 x 61mm packed into a compact design conceived plan that minimizes engine width, leaving virtually the same width as the 12R.

A twist of the throttle seamless provides a spread of torque, which is linear, the “power band,” per se, ceases to exist. Riders pay special attention to the answer that impressive in beating of up once the engine exceeds 6000 rpm. Those who have ridden this new Kawasaki flagship marvel at the response that the couple is far drawn a total stop in almost any gear a possibility.

The engine uses a secondary balancer to tame unwanted vibrations, and a direct-actuation shift lever is lighter than the links-type set-up, offering a more direct feel for the rider.

green custom swingarm stretched zx14

green custom swingarm stretched zx14

The ZX-14 chassis is at any point equal to its power plants. It is an advanced version of Kawasaki unique aluminum monocoque frame, lightweight and very strong. This sophisticated approach gives the ZX-14 handling quality and incredible highway stability. Using this technology framework, engineers were able to concentrate on delivering, as mentioned, a very thin and compact. Inherently more rigid than two frames spar, and with the engine mounted rigid, the monohull of force is greatly increased.

With the engine positioned forward in the frame, engineers were able to carefully select the wheelbase and front / rear wheel weight balance to both stability at high speed and manoeuvrability. The ZX-14 uses an inverted 43mm cartridge fork and new Uni-Trak linkage rear suspension to complement the highly rigid, thus offering both a great skill at high speed and superb road-holding when sport riding on the twisting hill roads.

Does this ultimate combination of engine performance and chassis design make the Kawasaki ZX-14 rider-friendly?

The engineers and designers sought to combine elements of greater today motorcycle technology, but also provide a package that is both accessible – and usable. The ZX-14 provides seamless power, a smooth ride, ergonomics and friendly. Together, these characteristics are manifested in a race which is surprisingly non-intimidating, but maintains the heart of the rebellion as part of the Kawasaki brand heritage.

white and red flames zx14 ninja

white and red flames zx14 ninja

Offering a very relaxed driving position sport, it is compact without being narrow, and the bars are positioned so riders do not have to stretch to reach them. The small engine, monocoque chassis and fuel tank, it is easy for the driver to keep their knees together in any constituency. Footpegs are low-set to give enough legroom and the low height of the seat and reduce seat to be planting their feet on the ground to stop a cinch.

And when the cyclist is stopped, the motorcycle will be the center of attention. Because the monocoque frame goes over the engine and not protrude through the fairing, the fairing design lines are uninterrupted, giving it a uniform and smooth appearance, from front to back. Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14 on the front bonnet with the outside lights containing position lamps and high beams. Low beams are located in the center of the crossfire. The front and rear turn signals are integrated into the fairing and rear of the hood and the brand new LED rear lamp has a unique “V” design.

Other key features of the Kawasaki ZX-14:

– Group instruments easy to read, white double-face analog speedometer and tachometer.

– Multi-function LCD digital display includes fuel gauge, gear indicator, two metres trip odometer, and clock.

– Large diameter disc brake petal, assembling before radial calipers and a radial pump master brake cylinder for impressive braking performance and superb feel.

– Hydraulic clutch assembly has a radial master cylinder clutch hassle-free, silky clutch.

– The fuel tank has a hunting cap-surface reservoir.

– Idling speed control system contributes to the ability of departure easy.

– Denso radiator lightweight high-density cores provides efficient cooling.

– AirBox located in the frame, which contributes to a layout very compact.

– Engine and chassis components designed to maximize mass centralization.

– A completely new feature wheels center ribs which are slightly offset so that tire balance weights can be located at the wheel axis.

In total, Kawasaki has once again brought its engineering and design at the forefront of motorcycle creation. The Ninja ZX-14 to match its predecessors, and exceeds by far as the meaning of the word “ultimate” has found a new definition.

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