2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Review

2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Review

Ninja ® ZX ™ -14

Kawasaki Superbike flagship Queen

Never in the changing world of World Superbike supremacy, the mantra “change or be left behind” always true. 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ® ZX ™ -14 has not rested on its laurels. The winner traits – massive torque, effortless power, agile handling and comfortable ergonomics – the 1352cc Ninja King landed a large collection of open-class sporting victories. Despite ever-tightening noise and emissions regulations, the ZX-14 continued to set the pace of sporting excellence since its inception in March 2006 of dominating.

No doubt, the ZX-14 is an effective witness of evolution. Its engine and exhaust system allow it to comply with strict Euro-III emissions and tightening noise regulations. However, the ZX-14 low-end torque, mid-range thrust and its legendary peak power Ninja to the top of the sports food chain.

Secondary air ports in the cylinder head and its cover flow air quality in the exhaust system and increase the effectiveness of the three catalysts honeycomb work in the exhaust system. These devices, combined with wide dispersion of atomized fuel in the fine-atomizing fuel injectors and optimized flow characteristics through doses, allow the ZX-14 1352cc engine to offer a high performance, but still more difficult to meet emissions regulations for motorcycles.

The ZX-14 meets the standards of noise by producing a minimum of internal mechanical noise, instead of using a more restrictive exhaust system. A piston and a profile of urethane insulation sheet inside the magnesium chain help cover the engine silent and allow a free flow exhaust for more power.

The ZX-14 chassis is every bit the equal of its power. Using an advanced version of Kawasaki unique aluminum monocoque design, its frame is lightweight and very strong. The cast aluminum sections on the main framework for lighter parts, maintenance even more weight on the thin and compact chassis.

The narrow engine, monocoque chassis, fuel tanks and provide a slim rider interface and a sport relaxed driving position. It is compact without being cramped, with its easy to achieve the position, weak feet together for ample legroom and a low seat height and reduce front seat at the plant easily with both feet on the ground when stationary. Comfort levels are high enough to cause riders to think they are on a dedicated sports tourism – until the ZX-14 of the throttle is twisted. When this happens, any confusion disappears, as many competitors in the mirror.

Uninterrupted fairing lines give the ZX-14 a smooth, fluid appearance from front to back, partly because of the monocoque frame goes over the engine and does not protrude through the hood. Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14’s front fascia, just below its threatening ram air duct. The lights are properly integrated into the fairing and rear bonnet with a “V” design LED tail lamp capping off sleek, aerodynamic package that reinforces Kawasaki heritage of the aircraft.

The Ninja ZX-14 mixture of power, handling and style perfectly illustrates the strong technological know-how Kawasaki highly qualified engineers.

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