Intro to the fastest Motorcycle by kawasaki

KAWASAKI’S FLAGSHIP FORMIDABLE, 2008 NINJA ZX ® ™ -14 refined for more firepower

Each champion knows domination lasting only possible with a constant improvement. Such is the case with the Kawasaki Ninja ZX ® ™ -14. Since its inception in March 2006, this bike has ruled the sportbike class opened with poles near non-stop comparison magazine victories. Even if the 1352cc Ninja ZX-14 has won praise for its enormous torque, effortless power, agile handling and comfortable ergonomics, Kawasaki engineers were not willing to leave the door open to possible challengers.

The 2008 ZX-14 retains all the characteristics which have a legend, lower, middle and high-end power. Changes to the engine and exhaust system to enable it to comply strictly Euro-III emission of noise and tightening regulations. To meet standards for noise, engineers have focused on the reduction of internal mechanical noise instead muzzle the exhaust system. The result was not a power loss, but a general improvement of the engine and an actual increase in the ZX-14 of the legendary peak power! The emissions and noise levels are lower, peak power is higher, mid-range affected is stronger and more smooth and low-end torque has been increased.

To achieve these stringent emission levels, a third catalyst honeycomb was added to the collection, joining the two catalysts honeycomb already in each silent. The secondary air ports in the breech and its coverage have been made about 20 percent higher to allow air flow easier in the exhaust system. A new crossing Air Valve (ASV) caps on the low emission rates of updates and can handle about five per cent more than the flow of last year version.

The conquest of the questioning Euro-III regulations is admirable, but it took Kawasaki to the next step on the ZX-14 with changes to its 1352cc engine that improve the characteristics of power while meeting noise regulations. The injection system was the first to receive attention in an effort to increase peak power, give a more linear mid-range and low-end strongest couple with the same user-friendly personality. The fine-atomizing them with a blast fuel injectors have seen their side angle spraying has increased from 15 to 20 degrees to disperse the atomized fuel over a wider area and the intake port was revised to provide the characteristics flow.

Besides the engine, exhaust silencers function improvements in the ability of the first and third rooms and length of pipe projecting palette plates have been adjusted. Then, access to the connecting tubes (tubes joining head 1-4 and 2-3) have been expanded by about 75 percent to compensate for the new form of collection, which was amended to allow the inclusion of a third catalyst honeycomb. These changes were an important element in the strengthening of torque characteristics, particularly in the lower range rpm.

Noise Reduction internal mechanical permits for engineers to use exhaust relatively little modification to meet noise mandates and, hence, the exhaust system could remain free flowing greater power. Low-mechanical noise was reached in revising the piston profiles and adding a detailed urethane insulation inside the chain of magnesium.

The engine and exhaust system are not the only areas updated to 2008. The ZX-14 chassis is at any point equal to its power plants. By using an advanced version of Kawasaki unique aluminum monocoque design, its frame is lightweight and very strong. The transition to die rather than gravity for casting cast aluminum sections of the main frame led lower, allowing the Kawasaki engineers to shave weight on the already thin and compact frame.

With a sport relaxed driving position, the ZX-14 is compact without being narrow, with its bars placed within easy reach. The small engine, monocoque chassis, fuel tank and provide an interface thin rider. Footpegs are low-set to give enough legroom and the low height of the seat and reduce front seat, it is easy to plant both feet on the ground at a standstill. Comfort levels are high enough that the riders might think they are on a dedicated sport Tourism, but a twist of the ZX-14 of the lever is all it takes to remind this person is the world’s fastest and most powerful production motorcycle.

Red and Black ZX14

Red and Black ZX14

Continuous fairing lines gives the ZX-14 a uniform appearance and fluid from front to back due in part to the monocoque frame that goes over the engine and not protrude through the hood. Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14 on the front, with low beams in the centre of two lenses and the outer lenses containing high beams and position lamps. The lights are properly integrated in the fairing and rear cowl with a unique “V” design LED tail lamp ceiling of the elegant aerodynamics of the ZX-14 aircraft which strengthens the Kawasaki heritage.

Such a combination of form, the power and performance characteristics with a motorcycle appeal that extends far beyond its high-performance public. The Ninja ZX-14 at the height of his Ninja heritage, surpassing the competition.

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